I am Seyi Oluyole

I am a Writer and a Director. I love dancing and I nurture the future of street kids and despondent children.

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My Work, My Passion and Me

3 things to know about me

I Am Passionate About Kids

The heart of children is crying out to us “nurture my future”.

I am passionate about the less privilege children.

I believe every child deserves a right to succeed irrespective of their background.

This is what brought about

‘The Dream Nurture Foundation

I love Film Making

I am a Writer and a Director.

Tinsel – Screenwriter

Hustle – Screenwriter

‘Gbera’ (Short film) – Screenwriter, Director.

Dream Catchers Villa (Episodes) – Screenwriter, Director.

And I Really Enjoy Dancing

I enjoy dancing.

I am a Dancer and a Choreographer.

Dancing is an art form. It is a way of expression and one of the tools I use in keeping despondent kids in school.

Together with the kids, we formed the team “Dream Catchers” also known as The “Ikorodu Talented Kids


The Dream Nurture Foundation is a global Christian relief, developmental organization committed to bringing life and hope to children in communities covered by poverty and despondency.

We offer children educational opportunities while bringing out the best in them and engaging them in diverse range of human activities like sports, drama, and dance among others.

The Dream Nurture Foundation work with all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. Every day, we invest in children, lighting up their world and creating an opportunity for them to succeed. We provide a healthy start and continuous growth for children with constant opportunity to learn.


Dream Catchers are a team of indigent children taken off the street and whose welfare (education, food, health care and shelter) are taken care of by me.

At the time the dance team was taking root, popular actress; Omotola Jalade Ekeinde started a nonprofit she called ‘Oyep’ and somehow I was able to get myself and the other dancers to be one of the proposed entertainers at one of her fundraising concert. I was in SS 2 at this time and I was taking school very seriously but this wasn’t the case for the other children. I wasn’t happy with this so as the leader, I told the other kids that they had to do well in school if they wanted to dance at the Omotola event. I don’t know anyone who would pass an opportunity of meeting and dancing at an Omotola event. Hence, they began to take school seriously and I saw this as a way to start working on them.


Dream Catchers Villa is the acting arm of the dancing team.

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Story Developing/ Writing

If you have an idea you want to develop into a story, I can help with that.


Creating a story is more than just writing the story. A story needs proofreading and enditing

Dance Training

I am the Dance Instructor and Choreographer for the Dance team  ‘Dream Catchers’. I also run a dance studio where I train and take people through the various elements of dancing, body movement and rhythm.


I am a renowned choreographer and I have choreographed various dances for music videos, special events (including weddings) and competitions in the dancing world.

Fitness Instructor


I am a video director

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